Parent Pit Crew

The Parent Pit crew aids the band in the logistics of moving equipment for games and contests.In general we help load the Penske Truck and transport the equipment to the events. At the events we help move the equipment and props to the contest field and off again. We need 2 types of help - loading and field. Loading help meets early at the High School and loads the equipment. They then go to the contest site and help unload and setup the props and equipment. After the performance we do it all in reverse, tearing down the equipment, loading, moving to the High School and unloading. Typically these people also do Field Help. Field help starts about an hour before the event and helps get the equipment and props onto and off the contest field.

We need a core group of volunteers who can consistently help with events. Hopefully these people will be at almost all the events. Then we need a group of "floaters" - people who help but can't be at all events. So there is a place for you if you can be at all the events or just a couple.

We have a really good time, get to watch the performances from up close, and get to help out the band. Lots of great benefits!



Home Games we don't have to transport any equipment. Some of us gather around 6pm to get setup and get things ready. Everyone needs to gather by the track about 3 minutes before the end of the half. We will help get out the equipment, carts, and podium. After half-time we will clean up and be done about 1/2 way thru the 3rd quarter.

Away Games

The band will not be going to away games due to budget constraints imposed by the School. .


Contests need 2 different groups. The first group pretty much spends all day there. They help load and unload the trucks. The second group needs to be there about an hour before the competition and helps get the equipment on/off the field.

For more information or to signup contact the Pit Boss - Glenn Patt